Emotional mastery and mindset coach

My name is Noshiela Maqsood and I am the founder of Noshiela Noor Coaching.  As an emotional mastery coach, I help women to master their emotions and heal from their past so they can become the best version of themselves.

Emotional mastery is covered in three parts: Mindset reprogramming, Emotional breakthrough and goal setting. I have a signature 1:1 course which is allowing women to regain self love, confidence and clarity to move forward with their life. 

I have a vision of helping thousands of women to heal from their past so they can find their true purpose.




How my coaching journey began:
After a battle with depresssion and severe anxiety, I embarked on a beautiful journey of healing and finding inner peace. Along the way I found my true purpose in helping women overcome many of the things I did too. When I realised coaching was my calling I began helping as many women as I could.

After my breakthrough:

  • I certified as a Master practitioner in NLP and coaching
  • I became a Co Author of a best selling Amazon book called 'Courage is my crown'
  • I have appeared on T.V channels: - Islam channel and Takbeer T.V
  • I have been interviewed on BBC RADIO DERBY
  • Spoke at local events to empower women
  • Created online mindset courses
  • Helped so many women through my 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Created my own mindset journal for young children

This is where it all started...


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