How to overcome anxiety during the lock down.

Today I’m here to address  the common problems that muslim women are being faced with.

How to overcome anxiety during the lock down.

Today I’m here to address  the common problems that muslim women are being faced with

during the lockdown and during this time of there’s some uncertainty and with whatever is going on 

And there’s so much that you are having to deal with so I’ve come to the conclusion to do this blog post to help you through one of those problems and I will go into more detail in the coming blog posts.

There’s a lot of women that want to go from being anxious and overwhelmed to getting into a state of calm and that is a process in itself. What I’m going to do is talk about one of the problems. One of the main ones is the affect anxiety is having on them which is stopping them from being present and focused. 

Maybe you’ve struggled with anxiety in the past and it’s just come up even more now because you’re in this situation where you’ve got to face what’s going on and there’s things that are bugging you because you suppressed them and now the emotions are coming back stronger. 

ability to focus to focus and be present. Going back to how its affecting your ability to be focused and present with your family, I can totally relate because many years back when I was suffering

anxiety like severely it was really really hard for me to focus on being present and although I was physically there but mentally my mind was somewhere else, so my energy was going there too which also left me feeling drained and unmotivated. Sometimes you may  physically be in a

place but  not mentally and emotionally present with our loved ones and its them who deserve us to present especially with the current situation because we are spending more time with our direct family members than we did ever before.

Now and what I really want to talk to you about is what happens when when we’re not

mentally present the impact that it has on people around us and then the after

effects it has on us especially if you’ve got young children you know there’s a barriers that is formed which then causes a lack of communication and lack of connection because you’re not being present and living in the now. Although time will pass and we will get through this, children

often remember and hold onto those feelings. The good news is that  I’m giving

you some resources and some solutions to get you into that place of being focused and


When I speak to people about anxiety, do  you know what most people tell me? They say  “ I don’t know where it’s coming from and I really don’t know what’s going on “ 

Now, let me tell you,  When something is going on, the unconscious mind always knows the

root cause of that so it’s really important to get to the root cause of the actual problem at hand where the anxiety is stemming from but what the conscious mind will do is, it will try and shut you up so when you wanna get to the to the bottom so I will hear people saying is “ Normally i’m fine and things are great.”

   I spoke to someone today who said ” look I’m having these outbursts of anxiety I can

feel it in my chest I hate that feeling and it’s affecting my breathing and you know what it is everything in my life is fine I just don’t know what’s going on and since the lock and I’ve had a I’ve had a really good routine but the last few days I’ve just been horrible. “

By the end of that conversation

We discovered  that she was suppressing what’s really going on around her however she didn’t want to acknowledge the lock down because she was somebody who was out of the house early hours in the morning till 7 p.m. in the evening and they literally had a small amount of

time before it was time to go to sleep and then back to the same routine all over again so being out of the house was a huge thing for her and being inside and she

used the word stuck, which is really important to note as you language has a direct impact on your emotions, so choose your words wisely!

As I coached her,  I really helped her to unravel what was going on and  it was the fact that she was worried about her future and even though it  had nothing to do with this lockdown but when the lockdown came into effect the feelings of uncertainty and not knowing became even more intense so in the end it was that she didn’t want her childhood to repeat into her future and there were other things that were involved but the main thing is anxiety is when we don’t know what’s can happen

in the future so when someone is anxious they are uncertain or they don’t know

what’s gonna happen so anxiety is always worrying about what’s to come. It is so important to know the root cause because when you pinpoint it you can think, oh my goodness okay I’m

worried about this thing or this thing and I really know what’s gonna happen

and it’s okay right now that a lot of people do feel that way because we don’t

know what’s gonna happen we don’t know what’s gonna happen how long this lockdown is for but what we do know is that we can control our response and/or our reaction whatever you choose to do so that is your choice and it’s important to focus on things that you can control so bearing in mind that anxiety comes from not knowing that fear of not knowing and being uncertain so  it’s

really important to also know that anxiety or the feelings of anxiety are a physical manifestation of not processing those emotions that are coming up for you.  Imagine you’re pushing something down, all the down and you’re putting the lid on it and then one day it’s gonna it’s going to explode, like when you open that jar all those things are gonna just overflow and kind of explode

out and similar here is when we suppress other emotions that are coming up for is

the physical manifestation of that is that we feel that feeling in our chest and that feeling of anxiety comes up and it takes over and sometimes in the moment of time you might not know what it is so

this one thing that you can do to help yourself in this situation is these two things that I’m going

to share with you so you can combine them to help  you work through the feelings that come up. So you know that I talk about journaling a lot and you can do this in the form of journaling or just write however you like and really it’s about being self-aware and pinpointing what’s really going on for

you so what you can do in order to help yourself is to just question yourself “what’s going on for me?”

now you’re feeling anxiety I’ve just

given it away it’s because of uncertainty of the future or what’s to

Come so bearing that in mind you can ask

yourself what am I really feeling anxious about is that this lockdown is

that I can’t go out or is it all the things I’ve not dealt with and whatever

is personal to you and then I really want you to focus on the

things that you can control and

influence because when you do that

instantly you will you will come back to

the present moment when you focus on

what you can’t control and then what you

can do is I’m brainstorming person I’m

more of a brainstorming person than a

list person so I would brainstorm all

the things that I kind of have control

and influence over for example the way

you react the way you respond what else

do you have control over do you have a

self-care routine in place so I really

want to be personal to you

so look other things that you have

control over so do this brainstorm what

you have influence over and then really 

look at focusing on those things because

what you don’t have control over should

be left to those people that do have

control over it ultimately we know that

it’s Allah and he everything he is a

plan for all of this he knows what’s

gonna happen he knows what’s gonna

happen our life before we even come into

this world so leave the uncontrollable

to the one who can control it and if you

   think okay like we know Allah is in

   control of everything and even in this

   current situation we can’t decide when

the lockdown over that is like you know

the government is kind of in control of

that kind of situation and we just gotta

abide by the rules and kind of go

with the flow if you like so really

leave that to those people that do

control it leave that to Allah whatever

happens in your life whatever doesn’t

Happen, however, you can shift your focus on the things that you can control that you do have

an influence over so do just do a couple

of brainstorms in terms of what you can

control and also I would write things

that you can’t control for example: the death rate,  we can’t control how many

people are going into hospital and those

kind of things we can’t control the

economy we can’t there’s so many things

that we don’t have control over but I

just want you to notice them bring them

into your awareness and then instead of

dwelling on them come back to the things

that you can’t control and honestly

doing that is just gonna shift your

focus from being in the future into now

because really and ultimately we can’t

go back to yesterday we can’t go into

tomorrow the best thing that you have is

now and decide what you

focus on so hopefully that helps you.

I will be doing some more blog posts to give you more solutions and they will be 

things that are digestible for you to

work on if that makes sense, so hopefully

not to bombard you just give you doable

tasks that can really really help you

get through this time by taking it one step at a time.

So just a quick summary:

Do a brainstorm of the things you can control.

Do a brainstorm of things you can influence Do a brainstorm of things that are out of your control.

Ask yourself: how much am I focusing on the control?

Thank you for taking your time to read this, I hope you benefit from doing these tasks. Please leave a comment below to share your insights. 

Love and duas 

Noshiela x 

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