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Master Your Mindset 2021

Working on your mindset and emotional blocks are the missing pieces when setting goals and working towards success in life - and it is only available in the Master Your Mindset 2021 Programme.

Count Me In!

If you struggle to stick to your goals, read on...


Whether it's New Year goals, Ramadhan goals, Health goals or even Business goals

The reason why you keep failing in your goals (regardless of what they are) is because

You're SKIPPING the Work that needs to be done before-hand.



  • You could follow a step by step process of working on your mindset and emotions to help you get into the right mindset for goal setting AND ACHIEVING.

  • You are able to overcome the struggle to stick to your goals and learn to UNLEASH the potential to achieve your long lasting goals (Finally).

  • Your goals are aligned with yourself and your higher purpose which inspires you to take easy action (consistently!).

  • Your goals are guided by intention and dua for super powerful results!

Master your mindset 2021 does exactly that!

The Master Your Mindset Programme Works Through Your Inner Patterns & Helps Release The Emotions That Are Preventing You From Working Your Goals! 

Here are some of the added benefits of the programme:

Build Resilience

Become Mentally & Emotionally Resilient.

Master Challenges

Learn how to handle challenging situations and release negative emotions

Become Positive Minded

Shift your mindset from negative and stuck, to a more positive and empowered mindset 

Control Over Your Emotions

Free yourself from a cycle of negative thoughts that takes over and lets you down

Lover of Goals

Set achievable and realistic goals that you feel good about!

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Here’s What You Get in the Master Your Mindset 2021

Specially Crafted Modules that cover:

Releasing Negative Emotions
Goal setting

Step-by-Step Plan

A process to help you break free of negative emotions, creating new goals and helping you create the right mind to achieve them

Fully Online

Work At Your Own Pace & In Your Own Time

Lifetime Access

Keep Coming Back to it Whenever You Need to Or When You're Setting New Goals

Printable Resources

Workbooks and Printables All Included To Help You Work Through The Process

Bonus #1

Training on Wealth manifestation for Muslimahs 

Course Price:

£̶8̶9̶9̶ £297

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Pay in Full

£297 Full Payment
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Pay in Instalments

£100 x 3 Months

What Other Muslimah's Say

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As I sit with a heart full of gratitude, I just want to say thank you. May Allah reward you for your sincere intentions and efforts.

The relationships and communication units have changed my relationship with Allah. I’m in awe of the presence I truly feel, filled with tears of love and appreciation. May Allah grant you the same and more.


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Before working with Noshiela I was: mentally and physically drained, triggered often, sabotaging my success, living with no healthy boundaries and now I can say I am whole and healed achieving all of my goals and more. I have become emotionally resilient and mentally strong! Thank you for everything you do!


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I can express enough how much I have changed and developed personally. I never realised what a coach can do for you until I started my journey with Noshiela. We did the inner work and I healed from so many things which allowed me to become the best I can be. Noshiela was sent to me by Allah at the right time in my life. Lots of love for what you have helped me achieve and I’m excited to see what is next.


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Coaching and therapy with Noshiela has been at the highest standard and the best type of help I’ve ever had. Talking only helps you feel better to some extent but getting to the root cause and eliminating the emotions has helped me become free and come closer to my true purpose. I have also learnt some valuable techniques that will help me for a lifetime. Thank you so much Noshiela


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Learning NLP and professional communication techniques from Noshiela has enabled me to adopt and use these techniques within the workplace. I’m able to build rapport easily, communicate more effectively and have the correct tools to progress in my job. Now that i'm able to eliminate limiting beliefs and reframe scenarios at work, I’m feeling 100% positive about hitting my targets and objectives in 2021.

S. Khan

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I really enjoyed my mindset coaching with Noshiela. She makes you feel at ease and helps you work on setbacks and turns them into strengths instantly. I have come a long way by simply working with Noshiela on mindset and changing my perspective. I feel like a more empowered version of myself.


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The change I was searching so long for came after I began working with Noshiela. I started by working with Noshiela on her 1-2-1 programme and it is literally the best decision I have made for myself. Over the last year I became aware of mindset and how important it was but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get to where I wanted to be. 

This is where Noshiela helped me create massive shifts within myself. For as long as I can remember I had low confidence and lack of self belief which over time lead to anxiety and depression. I used to carry a burden of emotions with me all the time not realising the damage it was causing. 

Working with Noshiela has allowed me to heal from the past and let go of the emotional baggage. I now realise that I am in control of how I feel and can achieve all of my new found goals and more. 

Noshiela is a phenomenal coach and truly sees the potential other people have and wants the best for them. I am so grateful that Allah made us cross paths and allowed me to find my true purpose.

May Allah reward you abundantly.


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I wanted to let you know how much your course has helped me within my job and working with vulnerable adults. It’s actually helped me to become a better person and better carer. One thing I really took away and implemented is your method of forgiveness. It has helped me to take a step back and see things from their world. I am able to have more empathy for them since taking your course. I have been telling everyone about your work and how life changing it is.

You are a God send. Thank you! May God give you all the happiness and goodness in this world.


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