What people say?

Salaam Sis, just wanted to give some feedback to you. I want to say your work is absolutely wonderful! The one to one session I had with you was very beneficial! It helped me understand the changes I need to make in my life In order to be successful. Everyday I watch your posts and they motivate me to achieve all my goals and to never give up. I have days where I’m depressed and low but ur words are so uplifting and I keep going ..working hard and ensuring that I look after my mental health. x
Your coaching is amazing, its helped me with anxiety, depression and my confidence! I can't thank you enough for everything you've helped me with. I feel more spiritually attached to my religion and have so much gratitude. I would recommend you to everyone!
I really enjoyed my mindset mentoring with Noshiela, she makes you feel at ease and helps you work on set backs and turns them into strengths instantly. I have come along way by simply working with Noshiela on mindset and changing my perspective. I feel like a more empowered version of myself.
Just want to say had a brilliant Mindset Mentoring session with Noshiela last week. Noshiela, I feel the tools that you are giving me are making an immediate impact on how I deal with certain situations. Before this, I would have struggled massively, but I’m actually beginning to believe I can take back control of my thoughts and feelings. I’ve seen you today too and genuinely get a buzz after anytime I spend with you. You have so much positivity to give, and genuinely want others to succeed. May Allah swt grant you every success and give you the strength and belief to continue helping others. Ameen. Jzk Sis, literally buzzing and looking forward to our journey together.

I wanted to let you know now how much it’s helped me within my job working with vulnerable adults. It’s actually helped me to become a better person and a better supporter to them. One thing I really took away was your method of forgiveness… this is something I have to do a few times a week due to working with very difficult clients. It’s really helped me to take a step back and actually look into their world, and when I do by using your method, it’s like I’m able to release my empathy for them and I no longer have bad feelings in my heart.

I have literally been talking about what I’ve learnt from your course to everyone. I’ve been using the energy healing techniques too, and it really helped reduce a bad headache I had yesterday.

Oh gosh girl, you are amazing and I can tell that you have a beautiful soul too! May God give you all the goodness and happiness of this world x


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